Barefoot Running: What Not to Do Your First Time

I really only have two problem spots: the momma blister on the big toe and the tiny blood blister on the heel:

The other little blisters and scrapes aren’t really noticeable. At least not compared to those.

So why did I go barefoot running? Well,

A friend read Born to Run and loved it so much I had to read it > After reading it I went to the author’s website > Chris McDougall recommends the Barefoot Running website for more info on the subject > The Barefoot Running website had a post from Barefoot Ken Bob about his weekly fun runs with a map that I recognized as a local beach > It turns out that Barefoot Ken Bob lives 2 miles away from me! > Therefore, I HAD TO GO RUNNING WITH BAREFOOT KEN BOB!

And the rest is history. I showed up late last Tuesday night so I missed the run but I did still get to meet Barefoot Ken Bob and his buddy Bernard. We talked about running without shoes and said we’d be back for the Thursday night run. I was so disappointed about miss


  1. Denise says

    There is a guy at my work that runs barefoot. Someone else in the gym told me that a year ago he ran Surf City with him and he was all taped up and wearing braces. Switching to barefoot has apparently cured his ailments.

    I was surprised that his feet really aren’t that dirty when he comes back. (I see him stretching in the gym.)

    • says

      I’ve heard that a lot- that running barefoot causes you to change your form and run more lightly, therefore reducing running related injuries. It does make sense. I’m glad it worked for the guy at your gym!


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