Whey Too Tasty: Designer Whey Review

Is your whey too tasty? Probably not. There are many types of protein supplements. It’s actually overwhelming. Today, I’m reviewing Designer Whey products.


I previously reviewed another protein supplement on my blog and thought it was way too sweet. I’m happy report that Designer Whey products are NOT way too sweet. Unfortunately, some of their products are sweetened with Stevia, which is the current trendy “natural sweetener”. Personally, I don’t care for Stevia. It tastes funky. However, it’s a lesser evil than traditional sugar and I’ve simply become accustomed to tasting it in health food products. So I’m not pooh-poohing Designer Whey because they use Stevia, just saying I don’t prefer it.

[Dear Designer Whey, I’d love to try your Plain & Simple powder with no sweeteners! I’m a plain and simple kind of gal!]

Before I give you my own thoughts and opinions about these products, I must tell you that I received the following products for free from Designer Whey in exchange for a review through a campaign with FitFluential.

Free products? Yes. Biased review? No. Of course I’m going to say some positive things, because I already knew I liked Designer Whey before this review opportunity came up. I believe in the positive benefits of whey protein, but I do wish products like these used less additives in general. But that’s a topic for another day. Having now sampled a variety of Designer Whey products, I will share my experience and thoughts on each.

Protein Powders

While Designer Whey has a TON of different flavors, I had only tried French Vanilla previously. Vanilla is like the standard of all protein flavors, so there’s not much to say there. It mixed well with just water and tastes good. Yay!

White Chocolate, on the other hand, was a real treat. It’s not a flavor I see a lot and I was instantly pleased. I immediately started thinking of fun alternative uses for this flavor, although none of my ideas were as great as these ones from Stuft Mama.

Tiffany Tip: If you don’t use cow milk to mix your powder, add some coconut milk to the glass. It’ll make your drink a little creamier.

With protein powders, you can get real creative. From milkshakes to pancakes, you can do more than just mix it with water and chug it down.

Protein Bars

2013-2-24-insidebar I have a soft spot for crunchy and chewy bars. It’s a dilemma because most are full of crap and serve little purpose other than satisfying my inner snack monster. Designer Whey protein bars do have a long list of ingredients that are not all pure and simple. So, not surprisingly, they taste great!

It terms of flavor, Chocolate Caramel Crunch (pictured above) was the best, followed by Peanut Butter Crunch and then Triple Chocolate Crunch. Chocolate Caramel tasted the most like a naughty dessert and Peanut Butter was pretty much what you would expect. Can’t go wrong with Peanut Butter. Triple Chocolate was good but gave me pause because it started to taste like “healthy” chocolate, if you know what I mean. It’s sad how I think “healthy” is a less desirable trait when it comes to flavor.

Let’s be honest. These bars have some benefits with the protein and other nutrients they added in, but I wouldn’t call them “guilt free”. Sure, they’re better than a Snickers bar and have less calories…but that just makes it easier to justify having two at a time instead of just one.

Protein Shakes


So I drank them before I took a photo. Oops.

These are super convenient, taste great chilled, and are easy to throw in a thermal bag and take with you anywhere. I only had two to sample and they went fast. Hence the lack of picture.

Both the Gourmet Chocolate & French Vanilla flavors were delicious. The shakes were smooth and creamy, although I was left wanting more. They were small.

Unlike the Protein Powders, these clearly state they are naturally and artificially flavored. No messing around with Stevia here. It’s got good old sugar. So again, I have to say that, while these have high protein and low calories, be careful because it’s easy to want to drink more than you need too. However, these are a better option that Muscle Milk’s Ready-To-Drink shakes.

Protein 2GO

2013-2-24-2GO I liked these a lot. They’re simple to use and, even though I don’t like the Stevia-ness, they do taste good. They are milkier than I anticipated, so not like a Crystal Light powder. Lemonade wasn’t as tart as I was expecting and it reminded me of lemon cream pie. Mixed Berry was also a great flavor, and it amuses me that it’s colored with beet powder. Tropical Orange was pretty sweet and maybe even tangerine-y.

I haven’t seen a protein powder pack like this and I think it’s smart. It’s not as much protein (10g) as your typical serving of protein powder mix (18g to 20g), but it’s a nice little boost on the go. My only caution is that you don’t want to think of this drink as an electrolyte or hydration drink. I know there are instant drink powders by popular sports hydration brands that come in a similar form but this is about protein, not hydration. You should still hydrate with an appropriate electrolyte beverage. Of course I’ll recommend Nuun Active Hydration. Actually…

Time for an experiment! Protein 2GO + Nuun Active Hydration = ?


1 Nuun Tri Berry tablet + 1 Designer Whey Protein 2GO Mixed Berry packet in a cup. Add water. What happens?!

I think it took a little longer for the Nuun tablet to dissolve than usual. Perhaps mixing the Protein 2GO AFTER the Nuun tablet dissolved would’ve been best. Either way, the result was…

Pink Fuzzy Sweetness!

The sweetness of the Protein 2GO and the fizziness of the Nuun tablet was pretty good. I need to experiment with more flavors in the near future. So perhaps you can have your protein and your electrolytes too! 

Overall, I enjoy Designer Whey’s products and I’m very thankful for the opportunity to review them. In terms of protein powders, Designer Whey’s products are incredibly tasty without being too sweet. If you want to try them out, I believe I’ve seen their protein powders at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Hopefully they’ll make single serving packets of all their protein powder flavors some day so I can try them all without buying a whole container. *wink wink*

Stay Tuned for a Designer Whey White Chocolate Chai Chia Pudding Recipe!


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    I have a similar issue in that most protein powders are way too sweet for me. But white chocolate protein powder? What an awesome flavor. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Designer Whey. I literally was standing in front of a gazillion protein powders earlier today and couldn’t decide. I wish I could have read your post earlier!

  2. says

    I am a huge fan of their protein bars, I tried the chocolate caramel crunch one a while back and I fell in love and ordered a box. Soooo good and naturally sweetened! Can’t wait for the pudding recipe.


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