Run This Year Instagram Challenge


As you may know, I host an online community called Run This Year. We’re doing a 15 Day Instagram Challenge in February and all runners should join in! What better way to remind yourself that you need to get your bum out of bed and run than an INSTAGRAM CHALLENGE to hold you accountable? Alarms… [Read More]

Finally! Forest Park


Last weekend I finally made it to Forest Park! For TWO separate runs! If you’ve never heard of it, Forest Park is a 5,167 acre natural area park in the heart of Portland, Oregon. There is over 80 miles of gorgeous trails easily accessible to Portlanders year round. No wonder Portland is labeled 2014’s fittest… [Read More]

Lake Hodges 15k Mini Recap


Me at the start. Me at the finish. What’s left to say? Last Sunday was the Lake Hodges Trail Fest. It includes a 50k, 15k, 5k and kid’s mile. It’s put on by Paul Jesse of Off Road Pursuits (he does great races). I love to promote his events so he gave me a free… [Read More]

Half Training: The 8 Mile Run


Oh, training for a half marathon! I’m excited and also nervous. Excited to be running distance again! Feeling great about it, actually! Nervous about the foot (trying to prevent re-injury) and praying I never have to stop running again. RACE WEEKEND PLANS: I always push race weekend plans back to the last minute. This is… [Read More]

The Oval Office


Running in circles on a track is something I used to find incomprehensible. Having never been involved in school sports, it took me a while to appreciate track and field events during the Olympics and then understand the lingo. Of course, after I started getting more and more into running, I wanted to get faster. I started thinking about… [Read More]

Moxie’s Morning Run And Stuff


How many shots does it take to get Moxie to look at the camera? Things have settled down, schedule wise, and I have a morning run planned with  Moxie every day of the week! This morning I imagined taking her for a 2 mile jog but I failed to plan a route. I went what… [Read More]

Top 10 Running Drills For Speed And Efficiency


Happy Friday! So I’m flying to Napa today to taste ALL the wine! Ha. I’ve been dreaming of this trip for a long time! (I’ve been to Napa 2x but never had time for wine tasting. Always running.) Anywho, I have a very cool guest post about running drills from Mercedes who blogs at Perpetual Awesomeness! … [Read More]

The Run Factor: Zero 2 Superhero


Imagine your life as a timeline. On your timeline is a series of turning points, decisions and events that have shaped the course of your journey to now. For many of you, the decision to start running is an important landmark on your timeline. Running has a way of changing how we see things. The ongoing… [Read More]