My Bad Luck 5K


I’m not big on fireworks, but for the 4th of July I like to run a 5k. Preferably one that takes advantage of a parade route so that I can glean extra energy from a cheering crowd. I run faster to applause. The problem is, I think I have bad luck at 4th of July 5ks. The first… [Read More]

2015 Special Events and Races


[NOTE: My Twitter/Instagram socials have updated to @CoachHenness] Well, I have to say it feels good to “be back”. Back to feeling like a runner. Back to having races on the calendar. It feels good to have some scary distance events to train for. It feels great to have some shorter, fun events dotting the… [Read More]

Temecula Wine Country Half Recap


So I moved to Oregon a few weeks ago. And of course winter blew in with a flurry to welcome me back to my home state. If I ever needed a destination race, it was last Friday when I woke up to a frozen driveway and had to cancel an important work event. So Friday… [Read More]

Lake Hodges 15k Mini Recap


Me at the start. Me at the finish. What’s left to say? Last Sunday was the Lake Hodges Trail Fest. It includes a 50k, 15k, 5k and kid’s mile. It’s put on by Paul Jesse of Off Road Pursuits (he does great races). I love to promote his events so he gave me a free… [Read More]

The Ragnar Trail Experience


UPDATE: Here are some of the free photos provided from the event. I just had to dump them in here real quick. Can you believe it? FREE photos!? It’s 4 AM. The moon is high and bright over Vail Lake and the sprawling campsite of tents and easy-ups nestled next to it. Tiny, bobbing lights whirl… [Read More]

Run Dumbs | The Mental Part of Running


I ran two races in July. One was an evil, horrible, awful 5k. The other was an amazing, wonderful, fun trail marathon relay (I ran 5.25 miles). The main difference between the two is that I won the mental battle in the relay. We all experience some form of running mind games. Some know it as “mental will” or “The… [Read More]

Ragnar Wasatch Back | From the Caboose


I picked a pretty epic race for my return from injury and over a year of no races at all. I ran a total of 12.2 miles for one of the hardest long distance relays, in one of the most beautiful places in the country. Though I battled exhaustion, allergies, humiliation by altitude, and runner’s… [Read More]

Ragnar Wasatch Back – Runner 12


I’ve googled high and facebooked low for another running blogger who shared details on what running legs 12, 24 and 36 are like for Ragnar Wasatch Back, and could not find anything! I guess I’ll just have to document my experience carefully for the benefit of future #12s. THANKS NUUN I have to say thanks to… [Read More]