Fitbit One Giveaway


 WAIT! Did you see these posts first?: GetOutAndGo for American Heart Month GetOutAndGo Update!  And now for the Fitbit One Giveaway! What is Fitbit One? In case you haven’t heard of the wearable tech trend, the Fitbit One is a device that tracks your activity. It wirelessly uploads the data to your personal Fitbit dashboard where you can see how active… [Read More]

Tiux Compression Sock Review


Compression socks. You either swear by ’em or snicker at ’em. I thoroughly enjoy sporting my compression socks around, especially underneath non running clothes. I know. Rebel. I have compression socks from all the major brands, but now there’s a new kid in town named Tiux and they’re only $35 a pair! What!? Time to… [Read More]

3 Fitness Firsts: Spin, Hot Yoga, Pilates


My running/CrossFit readers know that I’m branching out when I say I tried a spin class, hot yoga, and Pilates class. But, as I’m on a run break of the Heavy Excuses Variety (“I just moved here and it’s cold/wet and I’m working full time”), I’m being intentional about being open minded to other ways to… [Read More]

Classpass PDX Feature: MOD-Physique


Some people like Pilates. Some like to lift weights. Some believe high intensity cardio is king and others still are convinced the mind-body connection is the be-all end-all. Then there are people that cherry pick the best of different forms of fitness, creating a fun, physical, fusion of exercise! People like Jessa Freeman, founder and owner of… [Read More]

Rockin ClassPass All Over PDX!


I’ve moved to a new city and want need to find a gym. Problem is… I want to try everything. Many places don’t offer a free week. It’s hard to know if you like something after just one class. What’s a girl to do? Join ClassPass! I had heard about this in Los Angeles and was intrigued,… [Read More]

Fit Fall Fashion Week: Your Picks!


  If you follow me on social media, you’ve seen this past week has been all about… Fit Fall Fashion Week!   Monday thru Friday I’ve posted images of two styles from Lorna Jane Active‘s fall looks and asked you to pick which one you like better! In case you missed it, here are the match ups again:… [Read More]

Beat Your Impossible


Today is about beating the “impossible” and cool new technology that lets you do heart training without a chest strap! What?! Well, before I get into all that I want to share a story about how I beat my impossible. THE IMPOSSIBLE MILE: My impossible was my first mile. I’m not talking about a first sub 6 minute… [Read More]

Nutrition for Recovery Made Easy


“How can I recover faster?” All of us want to know how we can recovery better and faster from our workouts. I mean, it would be a lot easier to run every day or hit our training goals if we had the body of Wolverine, healing ourselves in seconds. Forget DOMS! Before I talk about… [Read More]