Run This Year Instagram Challenge


As you may know, I host an online community called Run This Year. We’re doing a 15 Day Instagram Challenge in February and all runners should join in! What better way to remind yourself that you need to get your bum out of bed and run than an INSTAGRAM CHALLENGE to hold you accountable? Alarms… [Read More]

Join me for Run This Year 2015


Wow. Starting my third year of RunThisYear is awesome. I’ve learned a lot hosting this challenge in the past two years and am really looking forward to 2015! If you’ve been with me since 2013, I thank you from the bottom of my running soles. If you’re new to the RTY community, welcome! Here is… [Read More]

Giveaway: Get Stronger, Race Faster

Giveaway for Runner's!

So let’s say you found a genie and he granted you three wishes. What would you wish for? Totally money first right? Get out of debt, quit your job, live the good life. Sure, but the runner in you would totally want to use one of those wishes on one of two things, depending on where you’re… [Read More]

Running Rachel is Run This Year


Running Rachel is a very important part of Team RTY! Not only does she help post on our Facebook page but she also helps us get great sponsors! So make sure you thank her! Running Rachel What is YOUR Run This Year goal? My Run This Year goal is to run the year in kilometers… 2014 kilometers! When did you start running and… [Read More]

Run This Year April 2014

Injury Prevention for Runners

Alright, if you haven’t already heard about the RTY April Instagram Challenge, today is the day to start on it! Aside from that, Run This Year has a lot going on with the start of the second quarter of 2014! A new and not yet finished! Quarter 2: Strength Running Giveaway Profile: Meet Jason Fitzgerald… [Read More]

RTY: April Instagram Challenge


Before I spring into April Awesomeness, here is some March house-cleaning business. The following giveaways/discounts are ending and I want to make sure you know about it! Race Entry Giveaway Ladies, click here to enter to win a free race entry into the SoCal Wine Country Women’s Trail Half Marathon! This giveaway ends TONIGHT at midnight! However,… [Read More]

Bryanna is Run This Year!


Time for another post on a wonderful runner, blogger, and member of the Run This Year team! Bryanna blogs at Wholesomely Fit and she blew RTY 2013 out of the water when it comes to total yearly mileage! She’ll do it again this year, no doubt! I have loved the energy Bryanna brings to Run… [Read More]

Ashley is Run This Year!


Hi! Thanks for reading this! I realize I don’t say that enough. There are SO many things to do in a day and if you’re going to read a blog, there are endless choices. I really appreciate you clicking through here, reading, commenting, and being part of my little world. WHO IS RUN THIS YEAR? Hosting… [Read More]