Become a Real Runner: Phase 1


So you want to become a “real runner”, eh? That’s great! Being a runner is as awesome as you can possibly imagine and probably more and I’m going to help you! I’ve got some basic tips in this Become a Real Runner Series that you’re going to LOVE. Don’t worry, it’s easy. By the end… [Read More]

Organizing a Group Run


This was my second year leading a casual group run at BlogFest/IDEA World. A few people have asked me how I got to do that, and the short answer is that, originally, I was asked too. The first year was fun so I did it again this year. So that’s that. Kind of boring. However,  I’ve learned a… [Read More]

Fear Journal, Entry 4: The Brains


This is Part 4 in a series on fear and purpose. Click here for Part 3 on fighting with fire. Okay, so we saw the big picture, how we can eradicate the zombie epidemic by living a life on fire. But that brings us back to the start: Defeating the Fear Zombies I wish I could say that… [Read More]

Fear Journal, Entry 3: Fight With Fire


This is Part 3 in a series on fear and purpose. Click here for Part 2 on being eaten alive. Last entry, we covered how fear is a lie. We were not made to live fearfully. Which brings us to our goal and topic for the day… Be a Raging Fire You were NOT made to… [Read More]

Fear Journal, Entry 2: Eaten Alive


This is Part 2 in a series on fear and purpose. Click here for Part 1 on Fear Zombies. Okay, where did we leave off? Living a life ruled by fears (and therefore hatred, and therefore doubt, and therefore self-destruction) is basically like being a zombie. You have to be actively fight against the temptation to effortless… [Read More]

Fear Journal, Entry 1: Zombies


This is Part 1 in a series on fear and purpose. WARNING: The content of this article may be harmful to zombies. I’m bringing you incomplete thoughts today, but hopefully challenging you to think along with me. When I first wrote this, it was damn near 2,000 words so I made it a series. Here is the first… [Read More]

How to WIN BIG at BlogFest Part 4


You’re home. You need to unpack. Your body is exhausted but your mind is swimming with the bajillion things you’re inspired to do and must accomplish Well, not surprisingly, part of making sure you WIN BIG (or make the most of your time) at BlogFest is how you handle the after. Here are some steps to crushing the… [Read More]

BlogFest Top 10 Takeaways Linkup!

blogfest linkup featured image

I’m SO excited about this BlogFest Link-up! If you attended BlogFest 2015, you need to participate because prizes (and community, and knowledge sharing)! If you DIDN’T attend, you can benefit from the knowledge/inspiration at BlogFest by reading everyone’s Top 10 Takeaways below! Debbie, Natalie and I have shared our Top 10 Takeaways; workouts to try, best moments, best blog tips, inspirational speakers, etc. We’d… [Read More]