How to WIN BIG at BlogFest Part 3


Plane tickets and hotels are booked. You’ve scheduled your IDEA World Sessions. Now what? Get your mind in the game to show up and make the MOST of every opportunity! Here are some things TO DO and to keep in mind while you’re AT BlogFest/IDEA World! I’m here! I’m overwhelmed! I’m sweaty and tired and hungry!… [Read More]

My Bad Luck 5K


I’m not big on fireworks, but for the 4th of July I like to run a 5k. Preferably one that takes advantage of a parade route so that I can glean extra energy from a cheering crowd. I run faster to applause. The problem is, I think I have bad luck at 4th of July 5ks. The first… [Read More]

Shredded Chicken with Cherry BBQ Sauce


Summer time cooking is all about grillin’ and chillin’; BBQ slathered fingers holding ice cold beverages. Sign me up! Now, I can’t grill as often as I’d like, but I can still savor that BBQ flavor throughout the week with my simple, fresh chicken recipe sponsored by Foster Farms®. Yes! This shredded chicken with homemade… [Read More]

How to WIN BIG at BlogFest Part 2


Two weeks (ish) until the biggest fitness conference of the YEAR and one of the MOST FUN fitness blogger events! You’re excited and you’re putting off packing until the last minute. In order to make the most out of your BlogFest trip, here are packing and snacking plans you can begin to prepare/shop for now! I’m too… [Read More]

Interview with Alyse Mason Brill


And we’re back to the BlogFest post series introducing the brains behind the most amazing health/fitness/blogger conference. Previously I interviewed Jamie King and Kelli Davis. Today, we’re hearing from Alyse Mason Brill! Alyse is the co-founder of Fit Approach and Sweat Guru along with her best friend, Jamie King. When I first met Alyse, all I could think was, “Wow…. [Read More]

We bought a house.


Last Friday we picked up the keys for our brand new, first ever, very own home. This sucker was literally just built so we’re new, she’s new, this is all so new! We currently have ZERO neighbors (except the ones behind us). Our house was the first one built in this section of the new development… [Read More]

WANTED: The right running shoe for me.


Dude! My dogs are barking. It’s come to my attention (not so recently) that I need a new pair of best friends. I mean, running shoes. A flat-footed over pronator with a foot injury in her history cannot afford to run a 50k in the wrong shoes. So, I’m on the hunt. APOLOGIES: This is… [Read More]

3 Easy Tea-Based Smoothies!


I have this one spot in my cupboard that goes dark for the summer. It’s that leaning tower of tea boxes filled with spicy, comforting teas to warm my winter nights. However, once spring has sprung, any unbrewed bags just sit there until the fall. Boo! It’s time to give those winter tea bags a summer makeover! These… [Read More]