Become a Real Runner: Phase 2

Real Runner Phase 2

By now, I’m sure you’ve diligently followed all the steps in Phase 1 of how to become a real runner; you can make your pain face on command and have learned how to do your own runner’s pedicure at home to save time and money. Great! Now, it’s time for Phase 2 – learning about the… [Read More]

My 10th Long Distance Relay


What is a Long Distance Relay? It’s a whole lot of crazy, is what it is. About 30 hours of crazy on average. However, over the past 4 years it seems I’ve returned, at least 9 times, to the crazy and I’m about to do it again this weekend. Here are the overnight relays I’ve… [Read More]

Being hangry is not just a physical problem.


I love that we (as a culture, perhaps) make up new words. “Hangry” is a popular one for me; it is great at conveying that the physical state of hunger, or a blood sugar crash, becomes so much more than just a physical problem. It effects you mentally and emotionally as well. But let’s flip that around…. [Read More]

Coach Henness LIVE on Periscope


Have you heard of Periscope? Did you see this post on my Instagram Sunday? I'll be going up in Autumn Daybreak on Periscope in about 15 minutes! Find me at "CoachHenness" @georgeokinaka @evergreenmuseum #hotairballoons A photo posted by Tiffany Henness (@coachhenness) on Aug 16, 2015 at 7:37am PDT Yes, Periscope is another social sharing app… [Read More]

The Brick Betty Difference


If you’ve met me in real life, seen my instagram photos, or even read a blog post or two, you’d be able to guess that I love my performance apparel. I’ve never been a fashionista for street wear or party dresses, but when it comes to what I plan on sweating in, I’m suddenly all about… [Read More]

Running VIP in Oregon Wine Country


Last Saturday I completed my 2nd half marathon post-injury and, well, just let that photo above be an indication to you how pleased I am. I didn’t even think about my foot once during the run. I was too busy looking for the right photographer to capture this move: Cartwheels around mile 10. I may not… [Read More]

Lessons from an Olympic Hopeful


Today I learned that you can embed a Twitter profile! Tweets by @AlexiPappas Neat! So this is my new girl crush. It is #WCW right? Right. Allow me to introduce you to Alexi Pappas!  Alexi is a poet, filmmaker, actress, and damn good runner. She plans to qualify for the 2016 Olympics in the 10,000 Meter… [Read More]

All About Cascade Lakes Relay


Between the MONSTER mosquitos, flat tires, huge elevation gain, and crazy moose antlers, this has to go down as one of my most memorable long distance relays ever. 187 teams completed the 216.6 mile relay, making Cascade Lakes the largest running event in Central Oregon. Here is my experience with the event, one of the most challenging relays I’ve done,… [Read More]