So much I could say here, but what really matters?

My faith in Jesus Christ is the one thing that surfaces to the top.
My life could have ended before it began. [A story for another time.] My self-inflicted wounds could’ve eaten me alive. [I shared that here.] Yet here I am, living a full life and loving who I am.

Adult-Onset Runner. Coach. Multimedia junkie. Dabbler in music and art.
Also a very happy wife and furmom who loves the Oregon wild.

Because of all this, I know God has a dream for me.


Thoroughly Thriving

This blog is my personal experiment to thrive in all areas of life (physically, mentally, spiritually).
Here is my plan of attack:


NOURISH = good food for the body, mind and soul.

I share ideas-in-process and finished recipes. My focus is on putting helpful and positive fuel in so that good energy comes out. Then I put that energy to use in training.

TRAIN = endurance & strength for the body, mind and soul.

I post about running and other workouts. That’s just fun. The real crazy idea is creating exercises that challenge endurance and strength in body, thought, and behavior.

GIVE = using my nourished, trained self to give my best, give back and spread good.

The goal of nourishing and training myself is NOT about weight loss or career success – it’s to better live my purpose. To use all that physical energy, mental clarity, and soul-burning passion to positively impact my family, friends and community is the most rewarding thing I can imagine.

Whatever it is YOU want to do, you will thrive if you give all of yourself to it.


“J” is my hubs. He doesn’t love running as much as I do but he can join me for a long run on any given day. Moxie is our ridgeback. She loves to run, but she’s not yet in long-run shape.

I am an ambassadorship for:

  • Nuun Hydration – The best sports drink there is.
  • FitFluential – Incredibly professional health/fitness online network.
  • Sweat Pink – A super supportive sisterhood of influential bloggers.

A few favorite posts to get you started:

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