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How to WIN BIG at BlogFest Part 4

You're home. You need to unpack. Your body is exhausted but your mind is swimming with the bajillion things you're inspired to do and must … [Read More...]

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5 Dollar 5K?

Yet another reason why Portland, OR is awesome. The 5 Dollar 5K Series supports local parks, features a kids run, and brings in local vendors for low … [Read More...]

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Fear Journal, Entry 4: The Brains

This is Part 4 in a series on fear and purpose. Click here for Part 3 on fighting with fire. Okay, so we saw the big picture, how we can eradicate … [Read More...]

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Organizing a Group Run

This was my second year leading a casual group run at BlogFest/IDEA World. A few people have asked me how I got to do that, and the short answer is … [Read More...]

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