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Interview with Alyse Mason Brill

And we're back to the BlogFest post series introducing the brains behind the most amazing health/fitness/blogger conference. Previously I … [Read More...]

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How to WIN BIG at BlogFest Part 2

Two weeks (ish) until the biggest fitness conference of the YEAR and one of the MOST FUN fitness blogger events! You're excited and you're putting off … [Read More...]

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Shredded Chicken with Cherry BBQ Sauce

Summer time cooking is all about grillin’ and chillin’; BBQ slathered fingers holding ice cold beverages. Sign me up! Now, I can’t grill as often as … [Read More...]

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Rewards of Coaching

Here I am leading Team LUNA Chix Portland Run in some feet drills at Duniway Park Track. Thanks to Kineticfix.com for posting this photo on … [Read More...]

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